First Cake From Scratch

Yesterday was my DH’s birthday!  As a part of the celebration, I made him an orange olive oil cake.  You may be wrinkling your nose up at the thought, but it’s really good!  It’s a French recipe that I got from Food Network.  Olive oil cakes are common in the south of France where olives and olive oils are plentiful.

Oh, and this is the first cake that I have made from scratch by myself!  I know, it’s just one layer, but I’m still proud of it.  It turned out beautifully and everyone who had some liked it.  The is not a sweet cake, but has just enough sugar in it to be called a dessert.

Want the recipe?  Click it here to go get it.  Thanks to the awesome Melissa d’Arabian for her fantastic recipe!


The Great Christmas Cookie Frenzy of 2011

Sunday was the Great Christmas Cookie Frenzy of 2011 with my friend Michele.  We baked a LOT of cookies.  And we still have more to do tonight.  So many cookies… very much need to go on a diet.
I did a lot of decorating, as Michele is very good at mixing and knows the recipes pretty well.  I did make the oatmeal raisin cookies.  They look pretty pathetic, but it’s all in how they taste, I suppose.
Enjoy the snapshots of results.  Oh, and the pugs belong to Michele.  The little fawn one is Chelsea and the black one is Boo Boo.