Gnome, Come Home!

On Thursday, my garden gnome that usually sits on my porch, was snatched.  Nothing else was damaged or vandalized.  I believe whoever took my gnome knew exactly what they were doing.

Above is the most recent pictures of said garden gnome.

If you see him or know anything about his current whereabouts, please leave a comment here.

Some people have even said that my gnome may have gone on some travels.

Well, the police have been contacted about his disappearance.  I called due the fact that someone was on my porch, too, which sort of creeps me out.  A lot.

I find it strange that it wasn’t long after my Halloween post that he went missing….hmmmmm.

Gnome, come home!



A Semi-Homemade Halloween

I freaking love Halloween.  Since my husband and I have moved into our new home, I wanted to decorate for the first holiday that it was really possible for:  Halloween.  What the end result was a bunch of semi-homemade Halloween decorations that I plan on building on for the following years.

To start with, I went to my local big box craft store thinking I would be able to get a a ton of pre-made stuff that I could decorate with.  Nope!  Duh.  I bought a lot of decorations and, well, decorated them myself.  I also got a lot at the grocery store and jazzed things up.  Overall, I think I spent about $30.00 in Halloween decor.

Witches Boots, Pumpkin, and a Wind Chime.

Sparkly witches boots, and a pumpkin with a windchime.

I bought the witchy boots from a local grocery store, along with the little flower arrangements that I then placed in each boot.  I bought the pumpkin, and found the little cauldron outside my back porch actually.  I bought the wind chime and colored it in with the markers provided in the kit.  I then put a good coat of acrylic spay on the wooden part, which them made some of the marker coloring run.  Eh.  It’s still cute!

The Gnome, the Gourd, and the Hay Bale

Gnome, and warty gourd on a hay bale.

The gnome was an awesome impulse purchase by my husband at a drug store.  He’s always outside.  The small hay bale came from the local craft store, and the big ol’ warty gourd was purchased at the grocery store.  I then plopped said gourd on said hay bale.  Bingo, we have an arrangement!

The Two Wooden Masks

Two wooden mask

I bought the two masks at the craft store, along with the acrylic paints to decorate them with.  I think they’re cute!  I painted each mask, coated them in acrylic spray, and then stuck the stick holder in the mulch.  Instant decoration!

The Witch

Wooden painted witch mask

Miss Witch here was painted in with acrylic paints.  Her buckle is painted with glitter paint, and her tooth and wart have glow in the dark paint on them.  I don’t know how glowy they are, but I thought it was be a nice touch if it shows up.

Sugar Skull

Sugar Skull wooden mask

Señor Sugar Skull was a little more difficult to paint.  I coated him in white acrylic paint, therefore covering up a lot of the other lines on his face where I needed to paint.  Still, I could faintly see the lines through the paint to finish him.  So, most of the work was done by me carefully painting along the lines the best I could.  Otherwise, his green eyes have a coating of glow in the dark paint over the top of them to hopefully delight the oncoming onslaught of trick-or-treaters expected on October 31.

I have a candy corn suncatcher that I also made from a kit ready to hang up in the window, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.  I also have a string of purple lights to put out.

That’s how I’m doing Halloween decorations this year!  Semi-handmade.  I like the concept, and it turned out better than I thought.  How do you decorate for Halloween?



Two Good Dogs

My sister has two good dogs, wait, GREAT dogs!  Not only are their dispositions shining examples of what their breeds should be (Maggie is a Labrador retriever and Cash is a German shepherd), they are good around knitting.

Remember Alfred and his fascination with my yarn? Naughty dog.  Sadly, Alfie is no longer with us and went to the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago.

Let me back up.  My sister and her husband bring Cash and Maggie to the Outer Banks to join the family on our annual vacation there.  That used to be Alfred’s domain.

Cash and Maggie kept us company in the OBX.  They were well behaved around my knitting, and well behaved in general!  Of course, they were curious, and I let them sniff the yarn and such, but after that, they lost interest after the realized they couldn’t eat it.


The only time I thought there was going to be trouble was when I brought out of crazy skein of yellow yarn.  Maggie’s ear’s perked up as much as a lab’s can.  She sniffed it, I told her she can’t eat it, and they she lost interest and proceeded to lay down between the couch and the end table nearby.  Good girl!!!

Cash, on the other, really just ignored my knitting altogether.  Good boy!


Those are the two good dogs I got to hang out with last week.  I miss having dogs around.