Lancaster Central Market Produce Haul

I am so happy to live in in an area where we have fresh produce in abundance, and that I have access to a wonderful place such as Lancaster Central Market to get this haul from.

Since it’s Friday, and Central Market is open on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, Sam and I went to get some fresh veggies for our upcoming meals.  We got a lot of good stuff.

  • Golden beets.  We’ll eat the tops, too!
  • Rhubarb.  I foresee rhubarb sauce in the future!
  • Scallions.  They will go well with the lamb dish we’re having tonight.
  • Peeled garlic.  Some for tonight, more for later.
  • Shallots.  One for now, one for another meal.  Sweet and tasty!
  • Fresh turmeric.  It will be great for tonight’s Indian-themed meal.
  • Rainbow chard.  I love rainbow chard!  It will be a lovely addition to a meal later in the weekend.
  • White button mushrooms.  Again, for tonight’s dinner, and a wonderful Pennsylvania product, to boot!

I’ve got some cooking to do.

Really, Lancaster Central Market is a national treasure. Literally!  It’s the oldest farmers’ market in the country!  How cool is that I walk to this place from work and get all this great produce?!

I know, I’m excited over vegetables.  I’m over the moon with what I got.

Bonus:  Read more about Lancaster Central Market and see more photos over on my photography blog, Jenn Dixon Photography!


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