Drawn Out

I’ve recently taken to drawing.  I bought a book, How to Draw 1 by Walter Foster  at a local art store, some colored pencils and a few other supplies.

How did this come about?  I love adult coloring books, as is evidenced by this past post.  I’d happily color in pages for hours.  One thing always bothered me; I was coloring in a drawing that belonged and was created by someone else.

I wanted to create the drawing myself.  So, I decided to learn to draw.

You can read about some of my drawing escapades on my photography blog already. (Start here, then read to this post.

Now, this post from my photography blog brings us to the drawing of the night blooming cereus above.  Just for reference, here’s the photo I was trying to copy below.

night blooming cereus_0001

The drawing resembles it….sort of.  I added some of the leaves in for contrast.

The bottom line is, I’m learning, and I’m enjoying learning!  Drawing is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I’m finally getting around to doing something about that.

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