Happy with thredUP: My Review

I have some news…..I’m moving!  My husband and I are buying a house in the surrounding area where we live.  It’s the perfect time to declutter, and that’s why I’m happy to have found thredUP.

I love secondhand shopping.  I frequent Good Will, local secondhand and consignment shops, and even vintage boutiques.  The second hand part is where thredUP comes in.

ThredUP will sell or consign good secondhand clothing for you through their website.  The payout isn’t that spectacular, and they don’t accept most of what’s sent, but it seemed like a good idea to get rid of a lot of stuff and perhaps get some scratch for it.

I heard about thredUP from my sister in Facebook.  I decided to check it out for myself.  Before I knew it, I had ordered three of their Clean Out Kits.  I had a ton of stuff to get rid of.  I had a lot of clothes that I didn’t wear, didn’t really bond with, and didn’t even take off the tags.  Time to go.

I sent two bags of clothing and one bag of shoes.  I’m waiting to see what I get in the meantime, as the bags have not bee processed yet.  It apparently takes a long time.

Still, I love to browse thredUP, and head over there a few times a day.  I did make two orders, and so far with what I bought, I’ve been happy with, such as with the Cole Daniel dress I’m wearing to work in the above photo.  I got it for $8.49!!!  I a dress tank top, a short sleeved turtleneck, both black, a really cool striped long sleeved shirt, a pair of green khakis from Old Navy, and a pair of dress pants.  I’m anxious to model my finds!

If you want another take and review on thredUP, I recommend heading on over to Refunk My Junk and see what her take is.  Her review is similar to mine, but she has an excellent walk through of the site, including the closet cleaning kit.

Overall, I’m impressed with thredUP.  It’s a great way to get rid of stuff, maybe make some money, and find things at a good price.  I’m glad that they tell you about the wear and tear of items, and that they are precise in what they look for.  What I don’t like is how picky they seem to be.  It’s almost a shot in the dark to see what they’ll take.  I will admit that they are upfront with the rules and what they will and won’t take.   Go through their list of acceptable brands, too. I also think their shipping costs are pretty expensive, but they’ve got pay for all those free Clean Out Kits somehow.

Want to check it out and see what thredUP’s all about?  Curious to find your own deals?  Anxious to clean out your closet?  Click here for my affiliate link. You get $10.00 to spend! If you spend those $10.00, I get $10.00, too. That can go pretty far on thredUP!

I’ll get back to the knitting stuff in a few days, but I just wanted to share this review with you.  What has been your experience with thredUP or similar sites?




Experimenting with Chevron Stripes

First off, sorry about the blurry photo….it’s all I got today.

I’m experimenting with a chevron pattern and stripes right now on a scarf.  Strangely, it’s something I’ve always to play with, but never really did, until I came across Benjamin Matthews’ Chevron Study Scarf pattern (It’s free on Ravelry.).  I’m not following the pattern exactly, but rather using it as a guide for my own experiment with a chevron knit pattern and stripes.

I’m using small-ish (US5) needles and DK/almost sport type wool yarns on this one.  It makes for a slower go than I usually like, but sometimes it’s good to slow down and do a pattern in finer yarn.  I’m sure it will look fantastic when it’s done and blocked.

This is a good play with color and patterning.  I recommend it to an advanced beginner knitter who wants a challenge or and intermediate knitter who is curious about stepping up their game with a new idea.


WUL Needs Your Help!

The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project (WUL) needs some help.  We need handmade scarves, extra hands at the scarf-bombing themselves, and funds to bring it all together.  That’s why I need to bring your attention to WUL’s GoFundMe page.

What can I do to help?

Right now, money would be a boon.  You know all those tags we put on each item that tells the finder that it’s free?  Those cost about $200.00 a season to make.  A little extra money in the GoFundMe account would be a fantastic way to cover this expense, and would be an excellent way to help out if you love the idea of what we do and want to help out.  Monetary donations are a great way to help if you don’t know how to knit or crochet, too.

Anything you could give would be appreciated:  your abilities, your time, and your monetary support.

 The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project on GoFundMe

WUL Founder to be honored with Hometown Hero Award

Angelia Reed, founder of The Wrap Up, Lancaster (WUL) Project, is being honored by The Emerald Foundation at the June 24th game of the Lancaster Barnstormers, Lancaster’s baseball team, by throwing the first pitch of the game. She is receiving the Hometown Hero Award, as well! Congratulations, Angelia!

As a “thank you” to all the volunteers for the project, we are getting free tickets to the game!  How cool is that?

I’m so glad that WUL is being noticed by the community.  We don’t do it for the attention, but the publicity is good, and it will bring in new volunteers and donations as more people learn about it.

Go, Angelia, and go, ‘Stormers!


WUL Stash UFO: One Row Lace Scarf

UFO-Unfinished Object for those not accustomed to knitting lingo.

I am using some of the yarn that I got from the WUL stash dive is being turned into Norwegian knitter turvid’s One Row Lace Scarf Pattern, which is free over on her blog, which hasn’t been updated in a long time.  Still, the pattern is available. Check it out here!

The yarn I’m using is definitely wool, and I love the bluish-purple-y heather color it’s got going on.  Quite pretty!

The nice thing about turvid’s lace pattern is that it pretty much can be done on with any yarn on any needles.  I like patterns like that!  I’m pretty sure the yarn I’m using now is worsted weight, while my needles are US 10 1/2 (trivia….my favorite needle size!).

The scarf seems to be coming along fine and pretty fast, due to the large needle size.  I just cast on on my 15 minute break this morning, and I knit a row or two over lunch.

I can’t wait to see what this scarf will look like when its blocked.  That lace pattern should really open up!

So, that’s the UFO I’m working on at work/portable places project.  Cheers, rock stars!

Stash Flash: WUL Haul

Wahoo!  New yarn! The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project (WUL) received a HUGE yarn donation to be turned into items that are handcrafted for the scarf bombings.  Angelia has already had one donation distribution, and is planning on another THIS WEDNESDAY (May 18, 2016) in the Lancaster, PA A.C. Moore’s parking lot facing Oregon Pike, 5PM-6:30PM.  Keep in mind, this isn’t free yarn to do what you wish with, but rather to make scarves, hats, mittens, cowls, etc. for the project to distribute.

There’s some goooood stuff in the haul I was able to carry……since I forgot to bring a bag!  Don’t forget to bring a bag!

For example, there’s a lot of unlabeled wool yarn, but you can tell it’s wool due to the texture.  Some is labeled.  I also grabbed some good acrylic yarn from the stash because I liked the colors, plus it’s easier to take care of for most people.

I think the big brown ball in the foreground of the photo is some Juniper Moon fingering yarn.  I’m going to make something special for the project to distribute from that.

I most picked a lot of the yarn because I liked the color, to be honest, or it was wool, or looked cool.

So, if you want to help out WUL and need yarn to do so, go over to the WUL Facebook page for more information.  Happy knitting!

Lancaster Central Market Produce Haul

I am so happy to live in in an area where we have fresh produce in abundance, and that I have access to a wonderful place such as Lancaster Central Market to get this haul from.

Since it’s Friday, and Central Market is open on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, Sam and I went to get some fresh veggies for our upcoming meals.  We got a lot of good stuff.

  • Golden beets.  We’ll eat the tops, too!
  • Rhubarb.  I foresee rhubarb sauce in the future!
  • Scallions.  They will go well with the lamb dish we’re having tonight.
  • Peeled garlic.  Some for tonight, more for later.
  • Shallots.  One for now, one for another meal.  Sweet and tasty!
  • Fresh turmeric.  It will be great for tonight’s Indian-themed meal.
  • Rainbow chard.  I love rainbow chard!  It will be a lovely addition to a meal later in the weekend.
  • White button mushrooms.  Again, for tonight’s dinner, and a wonderful Pennsylvania product, to boot!

I’ve got some cooking to do.

Really, Lancaster Central Market is a national treasure. Literally!  It’s the oldest farmers’ market in the country!  How cool is that I walk to this place from work and get all this great produce?!

I know, I’m excited over vegetables.  I’m over the moon with what I got.

Bonus:  Read more about Lancaster Central Market and see more photos over on my photography blog, Jenn Dixon Photography!