Stash Flash: Aslan Trends Royal Alpaca

I received this skein of Aslan Rends Royal Alpaca yarn through a Ravelry swap I participated in. I have been holding on to it for a quite a while, as it is one of the few luxury yarns I have right now.

I guess you could say I was saving it for a rainy day.  Well, I started using it yesterday, but it’s raining today.  Close enough.

This is gorgeous yarn!  Alpaca is by far my favorite fiber to work with.  And this blue is just yummy, and is one of my favorite colors.  Whoever was my swap partner at the time sure got my preferences right.

I started a lacy scarf with it.  I have quite a bit done of it, and there’s a lot of yarn left.  I guess I’m about half done.  I’ll show photos of the scarf once it’s done and blocked.  Oh, and as for the recipient of the scarf….it’s me.  My favorite fiber and one of my favorite colors?  Of course, I’m keeping it!

See the photos  below for dye lot and other info about the yarn.  I also have a stash page on Ravelry about this particular skein.




Finished Object: Second Raglan

Yup, my second raglan sweater from here is complete!  I finished it last night and am wearing it today.

Again, it’s based on the raglan sweater pattern found in Knitting for Dummies.  I modified the particular sweater so the length is shorter, and and it’s short-sleeved, as well.

I worked on this sweater while at work, while at having good conversation at my in-laws’ house, and while watching TV at home.  I finished it at home because you have to keep track of sleeve row and decreases, so I need a place where I could keep better notes.

The yarn is interesting, in that I have no idea what it is.  I think its heavy worsted/aran weight.  I got it from the yarn mill ends bin at AC Moore.  No matter what it is, I really like the color and the texture.

So, that’s my second raglan. Yay!  If you want to see the details on Ravelry, head on over to the project page.

Finished Object! Raglan Sweater

Wo hoo!  I finally finished to Top Down Raglan Sweater pattern from Knitting for Dummies.  I’m actually surprised as to how good it came out, considering you need to knit a swatch for it.  (Yeah, really!)

I’m really proud of it.  My husband said it’s the most professional looking garment I’ve knit to date.  That’s means a lot to hear that!  Thanks, honey!  I’m wearing it at work today, and have gotten a few compliments on it.

This took longer than expected to knit because I had stitches in my right arm, and as the sweater would twist up from knitting the sleeves, I had to keep lifting and unwinding the sweater.  This was putting pressure on my arm and pulled at my stitches, so I had to stop.

Well, last Tuesday, the stitches came out, and started finishing the sweater on Friday.  I was done with what was left of the first sleeve, completed the second sleeve (which went much faster than the first), and weaved in all my ends by Sunday afternoon.  Boom!

If you want to see the details about the sweater, I recommend popping over to its project page on Ravelry.

Otherwise, if you want to catch up on the saga of this sweater, read the post about it here.

Yes!  I’m done!  What have you finished lately in your crafty endeavors that you are proud of?

3 Green Things

Saint Patrick’s Day is tomorrow.  Having red hair and loving the color green, it’s a color scheme that fits me.  I LOVE GREEN.

I want to share three projects from the past, not including the cable practice swatch above, that feature the color green.  Erin Go Bragh!

Emerald Isle Headband



Kollobora used to do these themed Friday project ideas, and one of them had to do with green, so I whipped up this headband.  I still have it.  I may wear it tomorrow.  In fact, I think I shall!

Kollabora is neat website for high-end crafting.  I recommend popping over there and taking a gander.

My Container Garden From Last Year


This was last year’s container garden at its peak, with all of its leafy herby and veggie goodness.   I actually kept up with it pretty well!  Since the original posts about this venture were written during The Two-is Year Gap, I don’t have them to link.  Drat.  At least you can see what I produced from last year’s crop!


Wire-knit Beaded Bracelet


Every now and then I dabble in beading, usually knitting or crocheting the wire.  I used to bead A LOT before I started knitting, so I had a lot of the supplies around ready to go when I started experimenting with wire knitting or crochet.  Jump in the wayback machine and read about this project, it’s one of the first things I wrote about when I started craft blogging.

Non-Green Bonus Saint Patrick’s Day Thing:  Patrick!

Patrick Sitting Like a Good Boy


Patrick was my dog, and his birthday was on Saint Patrick’s Day.  Well, you can figure out how we named him. Here is Patrick on his tenth birthday, on a walk with a toy in his mouth when he as just about a his happiest. He was a great dog and I and my family miss him very much.

Now, go get your green on, or I’ll pinch ya!

Art Abandonment

So, I was walking back into my building after my afternoon break, and the above note cards and a, well, note, was attached to them proclaiming that these lovely pen and ink note cards are mine to keep!  How cool is that?!

There were two e-mail addresses on the note, too:  one for the project and one for the artist.  I e-mailed both and let them know that their art is in good hands.

Oh!  Links!  Here’s their Facebook page:  Art Abandonment

There’s a website, too.

Included in my e-mail, I spoke how I participate in a similar endeavor with The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project.    It’s sort of the same thing!  We’re both giving out something that we made for people to enjoy.

I joined the Facebook group.  I may actually participate in some of their art abandonment challenges.



Fed Up With Online Selling

Maybe it’s the No BS mood I’ve been in lately, but I am completely and totally fed up with online selling.

I’ve tried Etsy.  I’ve tried a local website called ShopLancaster.  I have taken photos, ran coupons, and had sales.  No luck.  And that’s just for handmade stuff.  I’m not even going to go into the misery I’ve ran into with photography.

That’s it.  I’m out.  At least for now.

I’ve done better with word of mouth and inviting people over to my home for handmade shopping.

I quit the craft show thing a while ago.  It’s just not worth the time or effort for me.  No one wants to pay for the quality and time of a hand knit item, at least in my area, they don’t seem to.

I know, sound whiny, but I need to rant.  Maybe I can save some other crafter out there some agony by helping them make the decision NOT TO SELL ONLINE.  The return of investment, at least for me, just isn’t worth it.

Knitting Time Calculator

I recently saw on Facebook a brilliant Google Form that helps you calculate the cost and time of what a knitter would have to do if you wanted him/her to make you something.  Knitters, and crocheters, for that matter, it’s definitely worth looking into.  Those who are curious about what goes into a handmade item, take a look, too.  It will tell you a little bit about what goes into the creation of a knit item.


I did not create this calculator, but rather Gladys over at Yarn Floozies came up with it.  This particular blog doesn’t look like it’s been updated in a while, but there’s some good information over there, anyway.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on a calculator like this, knitter/crocheter or not.