Mystery Solved!

Ha!  I knocked out my own Miss Marple scarf over the weekend!  I’m glad I have it because it’s freaking cold today, and it wears great under my coat.

I do have some notes about the project.  I also have them noted on the piece’s Ravelry project page.

This particular pattern has METRIC measurements.  If you are in one of the places in the world that uses the English system of measurements, such as me, you may have to do some math and look a little closer at your needles to choose the correct ones for the proper gauge. (I’m glad most needles have metric measurements on them!)  I had to estimate for the one size needed.  It still turned out just fine.

I also didn’t quite understand some of the measurement instructions, too.  I just interpreted them my own way, and, again, all is well.

This was an excellent use for a skein of Bernat Super Value Stripes, though I suspect most worsted weight yarns would do.

Don’t shy away from this pattern.  It’s a good one and you should get great results.  Happy knitting!




The Mystery of the Keyhole Scarf

Image credit: SusanneS-vV on Ravelry

My co-worker Jean was modeling a similar scarf above yesterday, and I was immediately intrigued.  It was quite lovely!  Apparently, her mother knit it years ago.

Jean’s mother passed a few years ago, and Jean said that she would see if the pattern was in her mother’s knitting things.  The pattern was not to be found, but a bit of sleuthing on Ravelry came up with SusanneS-vV’s Miss Marple Scarf, which is quite similar to what Jean was wearing.  You can probably tell what I’m going to be digging into this weekend.

As another note, Jean did find these beauties in the closet of her home, and these belonged to her mother.


Jean just gave them to me.  They are beautiful and well-kept needles.  I am proud to have them!


Yay!  First post of 2016!

I apologize for the length of time between posts.  The truth is, I was horribly sick a few days after Christmas, and wasn’t in any shape to post.

Still, let’s get the New Year started off right!

A few days ago, I realized I was stuck in a knitting rut.  Hat, scarf, hat, scarf, washcloth, scarf, hat, scarf.  I was getting bored.

So, while leafing though some of my knitting books for inspiration, mostly hats and scarves, I came across bags.  Hmm, why not, I thought.  Bags use basic construction types, but you can do an awful lot with them.  I decided to knit some bags.

Next, I needed wool yarn.  It’s a travesty, I didn’t have much!  What I did have, I used for the two felted bags above.

As for obtaining more wool, as quick trip to A.C. Moore solved that dilemma.  Yay!  Stash enrichment!

So, that’s what I’m knitting to ring in the New Year.