Completed Birdhouse

I FINALLY am able to share with you my completed birdhouse!  I really did put a bird on it, well, two birds, actually, so it’s a double Portlandia birdhouse.

Take a look at the slideshow below and see what I did.  I threw in a few pictures of the snow in there from my back door, too.

After that was dry, I flipped the house over and did the red bird, again two coats.  After all that was dry, everything got two heavy coats of spray-one shiny acrylic spray.  It turned out quite well!

So, that’s my Snowmageddon 2016 Birdhouse Project.

Put a Bird on it!

And call it art!

Man, I love Portlandia.

We had a massive snowstorm here over the weekend.  Since I wasn’t going anywhere, I decided to paint the birdhouse my father-in-law gave me a while ago to paint.  I should’ve done it sooner, really.

I also have some lovely step-by-step photos of the process it took to paint said birdhouse.  Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the portable hard drive along with me today.  Rats.  You’ll see them in the next few days, along with the completed project.  I’ll give you more details about what I did then, too.

So, that’s how I spent part of Snowmageddon 2016 here in PA.

5 Adult Coloring Books Worth Checking Out

Adult coloring books are all the rage right now, and I’m into it myself.  I got a lot of cool coloring books and supplies as Christmas gifts, and I want to share some of my favorite adult coloring books with you, in no particular order.

Pixel Gamer Coloring Book:  I just grabbed this at A.C. Moore the other day, but you can get it on Amazon, too.  What I like about this book besides the fun coloring pages?  It gives you great trivia and tidbits about retro gaming every other page, as well as blank grids to draw your own pixel game art.

Color Your Own Renoir Paintings:  I got this at a little book store in the Outer Banks in the historic town of Corolla Light, NC.  I had been coloring mandalas over that week on vacation, and wanted to expand my coloring into impressionism.  I had just been at The Barnes Foundation, a Philadelphia museum that features a lot of Renoir a few weeks before.  I guess you can say it, well, made an impression on me.

Unicorns Are Jerks:  This is a hilarious book, and is definitely for adults.  Theo Nicole Lorenz, the author/artist has a whole series of books like this.  Grab your crayons and see why unicorns are indeed jerks.  My husband got me this one for Christmas, and I am looking forward to study how jerky unicorns are.

Creative Cats Coloring Book:  Now, it is no secret that I am a dog person, but I love this book.  I received it for Christmas.  Here’s a story as to why this book is special to me.  My supervisor is recovering from her third bout of leukemia (which she is kicking butt at, by the way), and was extremely bored.  Now, she IS a cat person.  I thought this book would be a nice activity for her, so I sent her some retractable crayons along with it.

Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book:  This is one I don’t have, to be honest, but I do want.  Here’s why it made the list.  I watched a friend color meticulously in this book over vacation with her lovely set of gel pens.  Watching her get meditative into her coloring made me want to find that spot, too, so she inspired me to get back into coloring.

I hope you have now found some diverse and interesting new coloring books to add to your own collections, or to perhaps be inspired to start your own coloring adventure.

Book Giveway Winner!

And the winner is….Nora!

Thank you for your comment and story!  Please enjoy the book!

Here’s what Nora had to say about her worst crafting fail:

I was young and naive and I just thought oh, this candle flame scarf would be great with this brightly red, orange, yellow scarf. It does remind me of fire, so perfect fit. But nope. It was too busy for such a simple pattern. I tried, I thought oh I can see the work, I just need to hang in there for another inch or so. Just a little more. I’m sure it’ll work. But after a foot, I was able to admit, no, it will not. I need to scrap it and find another pattern, and then settle for a much boring chevron pattern. It still look very nice, but taught me a lot about colors and patterns since I was still starting out.

Nora, we’ve all been there when it comes growing pains when knitting.  🙂

Felting Fun

I am still knitting bags, and I just completed the one above!

I even wrote up a pattern for these square bags along with felting instructions.  It’s a paid pattern, but I wrote it with beginners in mind.  If you are interested in checking it out, hop on over to the Basic Square Felted Bag pattern page on Ravelry.

I am starting to embellish these bags, too.  I decided to add a needle felted flower.  It was originally going to be a multi-colored star, but I couldn’t get the points on the star even.  So, I took the cookie cutter that I was using as a template, rotated it, and added the red.  Viola!  A flower!  I added a leaf and stem, and I was then complete.

I really like knitting these bags.  You can felt them if you wish, or not, especially if you don’t have pure wool yarn.

It’s been refreshing to knit something new, and to be able to add a little flair to my work, too.

Book Giveaway!

Note:  I am giving away this book purely to declutter.  The giveaway is not in association with the author or publisher.

I’ll be honest.  I never bonded with this book, so that’s why I’m giving it away to one lucky winner here.  Perhaps you will be able to learn from it and use it.

If you want to enter, all you have to do is leave a comment in this entry telling me about your worst crafting fail.  The one that I like the best will receive the book.  Be sure to leave an e-mail address so I can get a hold of you if you win!

The contest will run from now, January 12, 2016 until 11:59PM EST on January 15, 2016. 

Remember, tell me about your worst crafting fail, it doesn’t have to be knitting.  I’ll even accept cooking fails.  The one that I like the best is the winner.

Good luck!!