Bottling Brew-Haha

It came time on Saturday to bottle the hard cider, and Sunday was the bottling day for the beer.  Here’s how it went.  If you want to read up on brewing adventure, start here.   Hard Cider It was  was tough siphoning the cider into the pot for carbonation, and then into the bottles.  I […]

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Award Finalist

Holy cow! I’m a finalist for Best Craft Blogger in this years The Craftys Awards!  I should know the results later tonight. I’m honored just to be chosen.  Cool beans!

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Crochet Hat Semi-Fail

I don’t crochet much.  I learned how to do the basics of it because some knitting patterns use it for edging and such.  So, I learned. I decided to crochet a hat earlier this week, and above I’m modeling the results.  Eh, it looks ok, but nothing like the picture in the book I got […]

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