First Scarf Bombing of the Season!

The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project had its first scarf bombings of the season, not only in Lancaster, PA, but also in Columbia, PA.  It was great!  Angelia Reed broadcasted both bombings over Periscope (with a little help from me), and if you are interested in seeing exactly what goes on during a scarf bombing, watch both the Lancaster and Columbia broadcasts below on Katch.

Lancaster Scarf Bombing Broadcast

Columbia Scarf Bombing Broadcast

We didn’t much of a response from people passing by in Lancaster this time, but at the Columbia Presbyterian Church, Pastor Dave came out and spoke to us.  He was quite pleased and excited we were there.  You can hear a little bit about what he has to say about the project and the church’s outreach.

Overall, I think there are some people in both places that were warmer either last night, or today.  Here’s to the next “bombing!”

Ah, and as a reminder, here are the important links:

The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project on Facebook

Donate on GoFundMe!


Purple Socks, Pt. 3: One Sock Done!

Yup!  I finally completed one sock in the Purple Sock pair, over month after I started them.  The reason why it took so long?  I burned myself out on them, quite simply.

For about three weeks that incomplete sock had been starting at me on my project pile.  Taunting me.  Provoking me.  Finally, I gave in to it and starting working on it again.

Actually, I want to start another ambitious project, but I have too many outstanding ones at this time, so I need to complete what I have working before I start another one.  The socks are a part of that “needs to be done” pile.

So, that’s where I am with the socks, or sock, for that matter.  I did cast on the second one, too!  I have a few rounds of the ribbing cuff done.  Yay!  I’m a little over halfway done!

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Counted Cross-Stitch: Conquering a Childhood Fear

I had a love/hate relationship with counted cross-stitch.  As a child, I remember getting so frustrated with a project in my only year of Juniors as a Girl Scout.  It was a for a Christmas ornament.  I got so fed up with it, I gave up, and therefore not getting a badge.  I hardly cared.

A few years ago, I cam across a lovely cross stitch kit in the bookstore:  Miss Woolly’s Creepy Cross-Stitch.  It was Halloween, I thought, why not give it a go.

I gave it ago.  And it sucked as much as it did when I was a Girl Scout.

Fast forward to last Friday.  You know what else sucks?  Kidney stones.  I had one starting the day before on Thursday, and passed it on Monday.  Fun times.

Back to Friday.  I was laid out with a kidney stone at home bored out of my gourd.  I wanted something different to do, and, since it’s close to Halloween again, I decided to give cross-stitch another whack.

Above is the pumpkin I made from the kit! It’s not exactly like the one in the book, as I made a few mistakes and added a few things to the mouth, I’m pretty proud of it.  I even started the next project in the book.

This pumpkin represents an accomplishment.  After 20-odd years, cross-stitch finally clicked.  It’s certainly not going to take the place of my knitting by any means, but it will be something different to do as a change of pace.

Exploring Faroese Shawls

I was at a used book sale at my local public library on Monday, and picked up an interesting white booklet entitled “Faroese Knitting Patterns:  Knitted Shawls.”  It seemed like an interesting read.

These types of shawls come from the Faroe Islands, which are a sovereign country under the umbrella of Denmark, so it’s a place rich with Nordic history and culture, and, as it is not uncommon with small island groups in the Northern Atlantic Ocean, its own style of knitting.

Faroese shawls have a common characteristic in common: a center back gusset.  Interesting!

I also didn’t realize that this book had been published in actual Faroese!!  What I have is an English translation.  The booklet has how to knit the shawls, but not the photos or anything like that.  I may have to get the book that mine is a companion to just to see the photos, or fire up ye-olde Google search engine and see what I can find there.

I may have to give one of these shawls a shot, now that I know what their basic construction is like with the back gusset.  It would be like my own Mystery Shawl Knitting Project!

It’s interesting what you can find in those old book sales at your library.  I would imagine the original volume is supposed to accompany either was kept by the original owner, or not included in the sale since it was written in a foreign language.  Who know.  Either way, I am learning about a new style of knitting.

Make a Difference!

KnitPicks is doing a great charitable promotion right now along with Crafts Americana. Basically, craft something for a charity, upload you wearing said item for charity along with certain hashtags on Instagram (or e-mail the photo), and Crafts Americana will donate $1 to the United Nations Refugee Agency.  Neat, huh?  Make a different locally and globally!

Here’s the original post and instructions from KnitPicks.

We’ve all seen the heart-rending images from the Middle East and Europe as of late. We wish we could help, but the massive scale of suffering is so daunting. How does one even start?

But what if we joined together? What if we collectively pooled our crafting skills, time and money to help those in need – both locally and across the world? As crocheters and knitters, we are perfect for this mission, because the nature of our craft inherently lends itself to giving.

As for instructions, here they are:

  1. Knit or crochet an item for a local charity of your choice.
  2. Post a picture of your item with the hashtags #craft2giveback and #knitpicks and mention your local charity.
  3. For every photo, Crafts Americana will donate $1.00 to the United Nations Refugee Agency.*

Take note of the fine print for choosing your local charity.

Local Charities

Contact a local homeless shelter, church youth organization, hospital, nursing home or Salvation Army to find local charities in your area.

* Campaign runs 10/08/2015 – 11/30/2015. Crafts Americana will donate $1.00 for each photo, up to $5,000, to the United Nations Refugee Agency. Photo entries must contain the hashtag #craft2giveback to be counted. A local charity must be noted to be entered for the $500 prize. Multiple entries allowed, as long as each entry is a different project.

Of course, I linked my favorite knitting charity, The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project in my Instagram entry, that’s where these four scarves are going.  It’s quite fortuitous that I had them with me to deliver to Angelia after work today when she posted originally about this particular charity.
So, start crafting and get going!  Snap some photos!

reddit Gifts Exchange

submit to reddit Did you know that I’m really into reddit?  Yup, I get a lot of answers and help on stuff over there.  I also like participating in their gift exchanges.  I did the Secret Santa one last year, and am currently participating in a Hats and Scarves 2015 Exchange.  Naturally, my the recipient of my gift is getting something handmade.

The gal I’m sending my swap gift to likes beanies and the color black, so this is the closet thing I have in my FO stash: a really dark green Malabrigo wool hat and matching fingerless mitts.  The green really does look black in certain light, but it’s got enough variation and color to bring out the detail in the hat, as you can see above.  I got the pattern for the hat out of a 2008 once-a-day knitting calendar that I got a creative reuse store.  Some of the patterns in that calendar are dated, but I did like the Fishtail Hat pattern I found in it.  Come to think of it, take a look at it over on Ravelry.

So, if you ever want to be pals over on reddit, I’m jennabee25.

Coupon Code! Updates!

I recently have been doing a lot of work over at my Shop Lancaster store, and decided to have a little sale for the month of October.  If you use the code FALLFUN20 at, you will receive 20 percent off.  How cool is that?!  This excludes the Mystery Scarf Sale, but the offer is good until October 31, 2015.

Remember, it’s getting chilly, but there’s still time to play outside.  Bundle up!

As for other things that have been happening, craft-wise, I really haven’t had much time for things craft-wise.  I did put a few entries into The Craftys, and am knitting when I have the chance, but my efforts have been focused on a hoop dance performance I am participating in tomorrow.  (Which you should totally come out for.  It’s free!) When that’s done tomorrow, I hope to have some more time to knit and watch hockey.

I’m still working on my Purple Socks, but I have taken a small break from them to knit a hat, which I am is still in process, but I unfortunately do not have any photos of at this time.

Other things?  I’m reading The Martian by Andy Weir.  It’s fantastic.  I am about 35 percent through it, according to my Kindle.

So, that’s about that for now.  Have a great weekend!