Tatting: Working Chains

Every now and again I start tatting.  I work on it, learn a new technique or two, then give up.  Right now, I’m on a tatting binge, and am working on chains.

I tatted the little piece above using this chain tutorial.  I had to figure out the alligator join aspect of creating this little flourish, but I eventually worked it out.

I’m still working on chains, and am using Easy Tatting by Rozella Linden as my go-to book.  It’s a little difficult to understand at times, but, strangely, I’ve learned a lot from it, and am working on one of the chain projects contained in its pages.

Here I am babbling about tatting, and I assume that many of you know what that is.  Tatting is a way of making lace, usually with a shuttle or a needle.  Here’s a good place to get started if interested or just want to learn more.  There are plenty of patterns and resources online to help you get started, too.  Just do a search like “beginner tatting tutorials” and you should get a plethora of places to start.  Marilee Rockley, aka Yarnplayer also is a good person to get to know when it comes to tatting.  Check out her website and Craftsy class on tatting.  She’s also got a ton of cool free patterns on her site, too.

So, perhaps I will have a few more fun tatted things to show you in the near future, depending on how long I can keep up with it.

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