Purple Socks, Pt. 2: Knitting The Gusset

Since my last post about these socks, the first sock has come along quite a bit!

I’m currently working on knitting the gusset of the sock.  I have to admit, I find knitting the gusset the most tedious part of sock knitting.  It’s just me. I just want to get on to the foot and toe and be done with it.

Still, I am having a nice time knitting this sock, and I’m almost done with the gusset, anyway.  And following the pattern on the second needle is simpler than it looked at first.  The pattern has mostly been a nice, relaxing pattern.

I have a few more notes about my latest update on the Ravelry page for my purple socks.

In other crafty news, I ran out of yarn on the scarf project I work on at work during breaks, but I did have a tatting shuttle and thread in my bag, so I decided to tat a little bit.  I don’t know much about tatting, but I did figure out how to tat a chain.  I guess you can learn a lot of your lunch break!

3 thoughts on “Purple Socks, Pt. 2: Knitting The Gusset

  1. Your socks look wonderful. I always find the gusset to take the longest on my socks for some reason. Especially if I am just knitting plain socks. You would think that knitting fewer stitches every other round would make it fly by faster, but it never seems to until you get past it.


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