The Sock Itch

Socks are of those those knit items that I get the itch to knit every now and again.  And I have to scratch that itch by knitting a pair.  I have that itch now, and I’m getting ready to cast on a pair.

First, I need yarn,  I chose this yarn from KnitPicks.  I generally like their products, and since this yarn is washable, I’m all for it.  The color is called Sprinkle Heather, which a blue/violet.

Next, I need a pattern.  I love the look of cables on socks, but I am not a fan of constantly struggling with a cable needle on a project this delicate.  So, I found the Faux Cable Socks pattern by Jen Lucas on Ravelry.  It looks like my sort of pattern, and that solid color of yarn I chose should be lovely.

As soon as that yarn gets here, I’ll print out the pattern and start knitting. Hopefully, I won’t get “second sock syndrome” and have a nice new pair of socks to show off in a month or so.

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