Daredevil Hat

It’s not secret right now that I’m insanely into the comic book superhero Daredevil.  It started with the Netflix show (which of course you need to watch).  It just went wild from them.  Of course my fandom was going to influence my knitting!

I used a combination of patterns to make the the hat.  Doris Kenney’s Super Easy Chullo pattern, and The Adults-Only Devil Hat from the Debbie Stoller’s Stitch N Bitch book.  (You’ll need to log into Ravelry to look at the patterns.)  I also attempted duplicate stitching for Daredevil’s DD logo, and, when I got frustrated with that, I switched over to whip stitch embroidery, sort of.

It turned out ok, in my opinion as the maker of this hat.  The one horn turned out more teddy bear ear than horn.  And I know Daredevil doesn’t have a tail, but I couldn’t resist the tail parts of the hat.

Close up of the stitched DD logo

So, I’m considering this a prototype.  Something to perfect.  It didn’t take too long to knit, and only used two small skeins of two different red worsted weight yarn, size US 9 needles, as least for my gauge.

That’s my Daredevil hat.  Have you ever knit something for a fandom?  How did it turn out?  Link me some photos!


The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project

I know I would write about the The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project on the previous version of this blog, but it’s important.

The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project is a volunteer group that knits and scarf-bombs parks in Lancaster, PA.  We knit, crochet, and weave handmade scarves, and then tie or hang them in neighborhood parks around the city.  We received a great response last winter, and hope to expand to perhaps other communities around Lancaster County in the future.

I learned about this group though a news story in the local newspaper.  I then contacted Angelia Reed, the founder of the group, and got started.  Here is the group’s Facebook page for anyone interested.

How can you get involved?  First, come out to The Arch on September 6, 2015 in Lancaster, PA to learn more and get excited about the project.  Angelia also offers knitting classes at The Arch, too, if you want to learn.

Want to donate scarves?  Keep an eye out on the Facebook page above to find out where the drop off locations are.

Don’t knit, crochet or weave and still want to help?  We’d still love your financial support for supplies through the group’s GoFundMe page.

Take a look at one of our scarf-bombings from last year below.

Everyone deserves to be warm when the weather gets cold, and that’s why we do what we do with The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project.  We’d love your help and support.

Time for a Fresh Start

I’ve been doing this blogging thing for quite a while with varying degrees of success.  The previous incarnation of Rock Star Knitting wasn’t working.  It was time for a change.  It was past time for a fresh start.

So, I’ve wiped the slate clean, to add to the cliches.

Now that that’s been said, keep an eye out here as I build up a new site to share with your.  I love this type of thing, so check back often for many fun things.