New Life For Botched Sweaters

I have a few sweaters that I have spent months working on, only to find they are quite large.  I have folded them up and shoved them in a closet as reminders of past failures.  At least I got the construction right, I tell myself.  At least that dang gauge swatch was dead-on, I would comfort myself.  What happened?  What can I do with this knitted abomination?  Craftsy is offering a class that I hope will have the answer for me.

Sweater Surgery with Carol Feller seems to be a good choice of a class to take for someone in my situation.  I watched the first lesson, which is an overview and introduction, and it seems like a class that is going to be worth my money.

I will keep you up-to-date on my how I’m getting on with the class and if I actually fixed any of my sweaters.  Here’s a link to one such disaster:  Red Sweater.  I hope to give it new life and wear it in the fall.

I’m sure this is a class though that many of us would benefit from.  Take a look!


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