Love me a good swap!

Swaps are quite popular over at Ravelry.  What is a swap?  Join a group in the forums that has a theme you enjoy, sign up for a partner, and follow the rules.  Usually, swaps have a dollar limit, and requirements, such as an edible treat, a crafted project, and yarn.

For example, I recently participated in a Boardgame Swap with the Nerdy Swaps group.  I listed my likes and dislikes, what boardgames, card games, etc that I enjoy, and was assigned a partner.  Above is what my awesome swap partner sent me.

  • Tea as my edible treat.
  • A duct tape notions bag in the style of a Carcassonne tile (I’m a beast at Carcassonne.)
  • A dice bag feature the Forest mana symbol from Magic:  The Gathering.
  • Yummy alpaca yarn.  Alpaca is my favorite fiber of all time.
  • Dice erasers
  • Blank cards for the game Fluxx
  • Playing cards with a Lego motif
  • A note from my partner, which is on an Ed Hardy card, and I am a fan of Ed Hardy’s work, but I don’t think my partner knew that, so it was a happy surprise!

This was a very pleasant swap experience.  My swap advice?  Be a pleasant partner.  Communicate.  If you cannot meet deadlines, let the person and your partner who you are coordinating with know.  Get tracking numbers when you ship.  Basically, follow the rules and you will be fine.


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