It Fits!!

I actually knit myself something that isn’t overly huge.  And I’m proud of it. 

It’s the Cotton Candy Stripes shrug found in the Summer issue of Love of Knitting.  I just picked up the magazine at a local grocery store and thought it had some nice projects in it.  This one seemed perfect.

 Here, is the shrug in its circular form.  How you do it?  Knit the back flat, don’t cut your yarn and pick up and knit the cast on edge.  It’s a lot of stitches for that lace ribbing, but it tend to go quickly the more you knit.  I will say binding off was tedious, though.

Below, you can see me in smug pride showing my newest piece.  My DH took the photos.  Want to see the details?  Check it out on Ravelry.


OT: I need your votes!

Just for fun, I have entered in Fine Art America’s contest to see if I can get a photo in one of their commercials.  Now, I don’t have a prayer in winning, but I thought it would be fun try and get a little more exposure. 

What I did was enter three photos in their contest to be voted on.  Would you take the time to vote for me?  I’ll love you forever!

Here are my entries and their links:


Crafty Finds At Work

My boss had some crafty books on her desk.  She said she found them in the lunchroom across the hall.  One of the people from another office had left them there and were free for the taking.  So I took two.

The first one is how to incorporate flea market finds into decor. It includes some lovely instructions in the back and looks like it may spark a few ideas.

The other one is a book of purses to sew.  I may have to give one or two of them a try, but tailor them to my style.  Luckily, fabric comes in all sorts of colors and patterns.

When I tire of these books, they will have a home at Art of Recycle, as a way of passing them along to the next person when I’m done with them.

Still, right now, yay for free books!

Getting Back to Charity Work

I haven’t done charity knitting in quite a while, and it’s time to get back to knitting my chemotherapy hats for the patients at my local cancer center.  I have lovely soft yarn that would make great hats, and I need to get going on that.

Chemo patients need hats even in the summer when nights get a little cool.  Sometimes I switch over to cotton hats, too, for them.  Cotton is soft and washes well, but isn’t quite a stretchy as other fibers.

Interested in knitting chemo caps yourself?  Here are some tips:

  • Soft acrylics and cotton yarn or blends are best.  Avoid wool due to allergies and scratchiness.
  • Knitting hats in the round are great for bedtime wear because they do not have a seam in the back.
  • Make hats in a variety of colors.  Men need them, too!
  • Contact your local chemotherapy centers to see if they have any specific needs from patients.

Do you have any other charity knitting ideas that you would like to share here?

DeviantART and Me

I decided to check my deviantART account yesterday after quite a very long time.

I used to do a lot fractals over there, and after I couldn’t keep up with what everyone else was doing and how over-saturated the community was over there, I lost interest.

I went over, cleaned up my account, subscribed for a month, just to see how it goes, and did some adjustments.  I think I’ll use it to feature some photographs and throw up a knitting project or two there just to see what happens.

In the meantime, take a look over there, and laugh at my bad fractals and really early photography.  It’s ok, I did so myself.

Love me a good swap!

Swaps are quite popular over at Ravelry.  What is a swap?  Join a group in the forums that has a theme you enjoy, sign up for a partner, and follow the rules.  Usually, swaps have a dollar limit, and requirements, such as an edible treat, a crafted project, and yarn.

For example, I recently participated in a Boardgame Swap with the Nerdy Swaps group.  I listed my likes and dislikes, what boardgames, card games, etc that I enjoy, and was assigned a partner.  Above is what my awesome swap partner sent me.

  • Tea as my edible treat.
  • A duct tape notions bag in the style of a Carcassonne tile (I’m a beast at Carcassonne.)
  • A dice bag feature the Forest mana symbol from Magic:  The Gathering.
  • Yummy alpaca yarn.  Alpaca is my favorite fiber of all time.
  • Dice erasers
  • Blank cards for the game Fluxx
  • Playing cards with a Lego motif
  • A note from my partner, which is on an Ed Hardy card, and I am a fan of Ed Hardy’s work, but I don’t think my partner knew that, so it was a happy surprise!

This was a very pleasant swap experience.  My swap advice?  Be a pleasant partner.  Communicate.  If you cannot meet deadlines, let the person and your partner who you are coordinating with know.  Get tracking numbers when you ship.  Basically, follow the rules and you will be fine.

Three Projects

I am behind on updating my FO’s, and here are three that I have completed and want to share with you guys. 

1.  Murky Waters Scarf

 I’ve knit this scarf a few times, and I felt like doing it again for a Ravelry project.  I also spun the yarn a while ago.  I think it turned out quite nice!  I’ll probably put it in the pile to sell at a craft show.

2.  Raven Collar

I love it when I can knit something out of Vogue Knitting, or at least adapt one from there.  In the Spring/Summer 2013 issue, there was a series of collar that looked fun and fashionable to knit.  I gave on a shot, and here it is!

Below is a closeup of the actual lace pattern.  This one is modeled after “Tango.”

3.  Lovegood Square 3  I always thought owl cables looked difficult, but they really aren’t and I gave on a shot for one of my Hogwart’s squares.  I had some lovely yellow Plymouth Encore Worsted that made for nice knitting and made a lovely background for my owl here.

Well, those are my three projects that I wanted to share with your this evening?  What have you finished recently?  Tell me!