The title translates into:  Off Topic:  They Might Be Giants at Theatre of the Living Arts, which is in Philadelphia.  And I had the pleasure of being there last night!

I have seen They Might Be Giants four times now, but I had been out of the loop with a bunch of their more recent stuff.  Still, I was awesome to see this old favorite of mine.  As special guests, they had the local Triceratops Horns along, a brass horn trio.  They added an awesome element to the show and added a new dimension to the concert, as TMBG uses a lot of horns in their music, and they usually don’t have a section travel with them.

Oh, the opener?  A drummer and two sax players called Moon Hooch.  I wasn’t sure of them at first, but after 30 seconds, they started to cook and rock.  With a sampled techno beat, it was one of the most unique and cool things I’ve heard in a while.  Check them out!

Though I was on the balcony (along with Sam, and awesome friends Bruce and Ellie), we had a pretty good view, and with a wide angle lens slapped on my phone, I got some interesting and decent photos.  Enjoy!

Moon Hooch
The Johns!

Sold out house!


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