Learning to Promote Yourself

I am behind the eight ball.  I’ve been busy.  I got sick.  And stuff happened.  Now that things are quieting down, I can catch up on blogging stuff.  Better late than never, right?

I like networking, both in the crazy world of sub-netting IP addresses (Which I can do. Binary is fun!  And I’m a nerd, after all.)  and meeting new people and learning from them.  I recently went to a Meetup workshop held by Chelas and Nobody at Art of Recycle in Ephrata, PA.  These two have learned a lot on how to market, promote, and sell your artistic items and crafty crafts after years of hard work.  And they gave all this information for free.

I took notes.  Copious notes.  I also met a few other people, too, hence the networking part, and we exchanged business cards.  We were all from diverse backgrounds and artistic levels.  I was so happy that they got a good turn out because they gave out such good information.  I got a lot of ideas popping into my head about ways I can spread the word about both my photography and crafting items.  I’ll have to step out of the box, but be sure you’ll hear all about when I get the gumption to do so.

I did take one step that they suggested.  I went to the local merchants’ association website and applied for their big craft show in September 2013.  I’ll have to see if I’m accepted.

That being said, what did I learn…..a lot!  I learned to tell the stories behind my work.  People want experiences, Chelas explained, and that stuck with me.  I also found  how not to get scammed by galleries and promoters, and which local organizations to join. 

That’s just what I learned in a very brief nutshell.  If you are interested and networking and learning to promote your work, your first step would be a local art or craftmen’s guild. It costs money, yes, but they offer benefits, including workshop to their members, workshop where you can learn stuff like this.  And, if you live near Art of Recycle or lucky to have a place that is similar in your area, all the better.