Knit Picks TRY IT Needle Set

I usually get a little money from Christmas, and I then place a nice Knit Picks order for myself.  This is the only time they’ve disappointed me.

I ordered the TRY IT Needle set, which includes three different types and sizes of tips, two 24″ cables, cable caps, and a cable key.  I needed a size US 8 on a 24″ circular, so I decided to give this small interchangeable set a shot.

The size 8’s where in the Zephyr acrylic tips.  I screwed the first tip cable with cable key just fine, and then I tried the same with the second tip.  And I tried.  It kept falling off the cable join.  I switched to the other cable (you get two in the set), same thing.  It’s definitely and damaged needle tip.  It won’t screw in right.

There is no way I’m going to use a defective tip with the risk of it falling off and ruining my work.  I found among my needle collection a pair of tried and true Addi Turbo circular needle set in the size I needed.

So, would I buy an interchangeable needle set from Knit Picks?  No, not with the risk of defective tips.  I haven’t tried the other two yet, the US 6’s and US 7’s (one in wood and the other in nickel), but I’m hesitant to.  Well, at $19.99 for the whole set, save your money.

EDIT:  The situation has been resolved!  Yay!


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