Yipes! Stripes!

I was bored last Friday night. I turned to surfing the Internet, and my browsing came across Kollabora on Twitter. They had a teaser up about a Friday Challenge. It was Friday. I needed a challenge, so I hopped over to their blog entry. The challenge? Black and white stripes!

I love the classic look of black and white stripes. I puttered around on Ravelry, looking for a good pattern. Nothing stood out to me. So, off to my books. I pulled out my trusty copy of One Skein Designer Wonders, and found the Simple Mistake Rib Vest Pattern.  The pattern calls for DK or light worsted yarn, but I’m using plain ol’ worsted.  And I’m not doing the mistake rib pattern, just plain ol’ 2×2 ribbing. 

Ah, and the yarn.  I wasn’t sure I even had black and white yarn, but I found a skein of each in Red Heart acrylic in my stash.  Eh, good enough. 

I’m also alternating white and black yarn.  Strangely, I’ve never done stripes like this before.  It’s fun! 

I hope to have this finished by the end of the week.  Things have been on the nutsy end of the spectrum, so I haven’t had much time to sit down with this project. 

So that’s the black and white of it right now.  Also, take a closer look at Kollabora.  It’s a fashion-forward crafting site.  Look me up.


Yarn Mill Ends

I have discovered yarn mill ends.  I often walked by them at A.C. Moore and passed them apprehensively.  It wasn’t until I saw that a fellow crafter had bought a bag of really cool fancy red yarn for really cheap did I become interested in it.

I bought some on Sunday. I got two one pound bags of yarn.  They were each $6.99.  Seriously, that cheap?!  Just because this stuff came at the end of a dye lot or the manufacturer had more than the order?  Some ball of yarn cost that much or more! Granted sometimes the quality is rarely not a nice, my online research reveals, but yarn ends usually are just as good as the non-mill ends, also according to said research.

I knit a scarf for my DH in the gray multi.  I think it’s a wool blend, at least that’s what the bag hints at.  It’s really pretty and you wouldn’t have known it was bargain yarn.

The orange stuff is a thick/think type yarn.  Very cool, and I’m excited to see how it knits up.

Mill ends are also great for charity knitting or for teaching someone how to knit or crochet.  Think about it, you get a lot of yarn for cheap, and you’re not making a huge investment. 

Next you you pass those bags screaming FASHION PLUS MILL ENDS on them, take a look.  There may be some cheap and interesting stuff in there. 

Knit Picks TRY IT Needle Set

I usually get a little money from Christmas, and I then place a nice Knit Picks order for myself.  This is the only time they’ve disappointed me.

I ordered the TRY IT Needle set, which includes three different types and sizes of tips, two 24″ cables, cable caps, and a cable key.  I needed a size US 8 on a 24″ circular, so I decided to give this small interchangeable set a shot.

The size 8’s where in the Zephyr acrylic tips.  I screwed the first tip cable with cable key just fine, and then I tried the same with the second tip.  And I tried.  It kept falling off the cable join.  I switched to the other cable (you get two in the set), same thing.  It’s definitely and damaged needle tip.  It won’t screw in right.

There is no way I’m going to use a defective tip with the risk of it falling off and ruining my work.  I found among my needle collection a pair of tried and true Addi Turbo circular needle set in the size I needed.

So, would I buy an interchangeable needle set from Knit Picks?  No, not with the risk of defective tips.  I haven’t tried the other two yet, the US 6’s and US 7’s (one in wood and the other in nickel), but I’m hesitant to.  Well, at $19.99 for the whole set, save your money.

EDIT:  The situation has been resolved!  Yay!

Cat Sweater

A while ago, one of my doctors asked me knit her cat Kashmir, a seal point Siamese, a sweater.  I finally found the time to knit said cat sweater.  It looks sort of sad and pathetic here, but I hope that kitty gets to strut around in his new duds. 

The neck may seem skinny, but it’s in ribbing as a mock turtleneck.  It has two holes for the front legs, and a nice, rounded out area for the chest.  I understand Kashmir is long and skinny, but I’m afraid this is going to look like a boat on him.

I wish I had had my doctor take more measurements of said cat.  There are actually some pretty nice patterns out there for custom sweaters for cats, but they involved math…..eh.

So, I settled on a lovely chihuahua sweater pattern that can be found here.  It also looks stretched out because it’s in garter stitch. 

When I dropped off the sweater this morning, the receptionist had to take it out of the bag and got a kick out of it.  It was the same gal that when I was getting ready to knit the sweater I called the office and said, “I have a strange request for the doctor.  I need her to measure he cat.”

The receptionist thought this was very funny.  I would have, too, truthfully.

Still, the doctor had what I asked fore when I saw her next.  And now Kashmir has a sweater that I hope fits him.  I guess I’ll know when I see my doctor next.

Orange and Black Attack Hat WIP

It’s no secret I’m a HUGE Philadelphia Flyers fan, so it was a no-brainer when I heard the huge skein or orange and black self-striping yarn calling my name at Jo-ann Fabrics the other day.  It’s acrylic-ally goodness is courtesy of Red Heart Yarns Team Spirit line. The yarn is typical of Red Heart’s scratchy acrylic yarn, but it’s in FLYERS COLORS.  How can I resist?

I hung the hat on a doorknob so you could see the self-striping in action.  It’s going to have ear flaps with braids attached when I’m finished with it, hence the interlocking stitch marker at the top, as it is one of four.

The pattern?  I’m using the pattern that was on the back of yarn’s label, the Hear It For the Team Hat.  For knitting in the round, the pattern calls for it to be done DPN’s, but I started on circular and swapped over to DPN’s when the stitches got to few.