I’m still recovering from tendinitis in my  left shoulder and elbow.  I hate it.  It’s painful, it gets in the way of work, play, and sleep.

I’m still doing a little knitting.  I can’t quite crochet yet as it uses my left arm and hand a lot.  Spinning is completely out of the picture until I’m better.

What I found works well with knitting in little spurts is entrelac, a method of knitting where you get a nice, basket weave pattern.  It’s fun, goes quickly, and I can put it down and pick it up frequently when I need to rest my left arm.

Entrelac was a  little confusing for me at first, but Interweave has a wonderful tutorial on the subject that is free on their website.

I practiced on a test swatch on some Liberty Wool that I had left over from another project.  It had some pretty color changes that I thought would look nice with entrelac.

So that’s how I’m keeping sane during this physically painful time.  Entrelac enabled me to keep working at something I love and be able to rest what I need to take care of.  


2 thoughts on “Entrelac

  1. Entrelac sounds like a perfect little project, especially if you are working with smaller squares. I find it fun once you get used to it and it is so satisfying to watch those little squares build up over time.


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