Farm Show Thoughts

I had a good time at the PA Farm Show on Saturday with Joan.  There were a massive amount of people there.  I couldn’t believe it.  Granted, this is a statewide show.  I’m glad and fortunate for it to be fairly close by.  And, this was my first time there.

I loved looking at all the animals.  There were so many fancy chickens, pretty cows (who got some amazing pampering, including hairspray), prancing horses, and a very happy mama pig.  Oh, and there were alpacas!  They were quite entertaining. 

Of course, I was interested in the fiber vendors.  There was, of course, an alpaca fiber vendor.  I didn’t get any yarn from them, but I did get four ounces of their farm blend roving for spinning.  From another fiber vendor, this time featuring wool, I got another drop spindle kit with some of their wool roving.  I was quite pleased with my purchases.

I wore the special hat knit with the yarn I spun.  In fact, one of the ladies at the fiber vendors asked if I knit it.  I told her that I did and enthusiastically added that I spun the yarn, too.

Speaking of handknits, I saw an amazing amount of handknit and crocheted items being worn by people at the farm show.  Mostly, they were hats and scarves, but I did spot a few sweaters.  I was in good crafty company.

I also got to watch a high school/middle school rodeo competition.  I never thought I’d enjoy a rodeo.  Western culture is not my thing, but I thoroughly enjoyed that rodeo.  I cheered for the kids as they roped calves, raced, and worked their best in front of 7,000+ people.  Impressive job!

I ate pork barbecue, a mushroom sandwich (PA is the biggest producer of mushrooms in the country), and had one of the best milkshakes I ever had.  The food court was packed.  Kudos to all who worked in those stands and moved people through quickly!

It was so cool seeing what people have to offer agriculturally, artistically, and industriously in Pennsylvania.  I am proud of my state.


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