Handspun Hat

I finally put some of the handspun I made on my drop spindle to good use.  I knit myself a hat, of course.

I used the three skeins that I have acquired through spinning of the natural wool roving I had been working with.I love the natural rustic colors with the unevenness of the yarn.  It’s cool, I like it, and it’s mine.

Here’s the nitty gritty on Ravelry, if you are interested.

If you are a spinner, what have you created from your own handspun?


7 thoughts on “Handspun Hat

  1. Love that hat Jenn. It really looks warm and soft. I haven't gotten into spinning, which is probably a good thing… with how much time I have for all the hobbies I _already_ have. /laugh


  2. It is beautiful! You should be proud of yourself, not only did you make yarn but now you can wear your creation. I hope to start spinning this year. My daughters husband got her a wheel for Christmas and I got a beautiful drop spindle.


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