Crochet, now?

I figured out how to crochet!  Not well, but I was working on a headband that called for a crocheted border, and I did it!  It looks nice. 

A few of you may remember one of my previous attempts at crochet some time ago, and I got pretty frustrated with it.  I currently am working on practicing with dishcloths, as seen below, and am attempting that behemoth of first projects:  a scarf.

I don’t plan on replacing knitting with crocheting.  I just want to learn the basics, and explore more options with knitting patterns that use crochet, too.  I guess I’m expanding my yarn crafting repertoire.  It’s also sort of fun, too. 


5 thoughts on “Crochet, now?

  1. Woo-hoo!! I knew you'd be able to get the hang of crochet. Now for me to find the spare bit of time to try and wrap my brain around 2 pointed sticks instead of 1 hook.

    And trust me, you can never have too many crocheted dishcloths…. they even double as potholders in a pinch.


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