Views from SAFONA

 The Fifth Annual SAFONA Fiber Festival was quite lovely!  It was a tad smaller than it was last year, but there were some familiar faces and new people to strike up a conversation with.

 What was remarkable about this year’s SAFONA festival was that my DH VOLUNTARILY…I repeat…VOLUNTARILY came along.  His reasoning?  He was wanted to show more of an interest in what it is that I do, and I appreciate that. I think he had fun, too.

 I have a strategy when I go to events like this.  I first make my lap, see what there is and what’s available, and then make my purchasing decisions.  I did not buy any yarn, but I did buy some lovely roving to work with on my drop spindle. 

I love seeing the bunnies there.  Once again, there was a lady sitting and spinning directly from the angora rabbit sitting on her lap.  This bunny here was waiting his turn.  The DH and I got to pet him.

Very nice festival!  It’s not big, but there is a lot of stuff there.  I was in fiber heaven.

Want more information?  Here are some links.


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