Spinning Improvements

I’m getting better!  I actually managed plying, washing and making a skein.  I am making spinning improvements.  I’m really enjoying my Craftsy class.

I used a combination of wool roving I got from the SAFONA fiber festival.  I used Shetland (so far my favorite to work with) Jacob, Portuguese, and Blue Face Leicester Bottom roving.  All are nice to work with, and I wish I had bought more.  These wools came in a sampler pack.  I am also finding out that an ounce of roving can go a long way.

I’m still using my top whorl spindle, but I had a Turkish spindle that I bought a while back.  I’m using that now, too. 

 Here, I am using the Shetland roving on the top whorl spindle. My yarn is getting more consistent.

On the Turkish spindle, I am using the Jacob roving.  I like it, but it’s not my favorite, but it makes for good practice with the Turkish spindle.

On a sadder note, the knitting community lost Knit Purl Gurl today.  She suddenly past away.  Her blog and podcasts had a huge following and she contributed so much to knitting and fiber arts.  She will be dearly missed.


Small Business Saturday

I’ve been pushing Small Business Saturday over at my other blog, but I also want to encourage readers here to support small businesses within your community.  It’s the perfect excuse to go to your LYS!

Yes, I have a small business myself, I will be honest.  I’m a semi-professional photographer and have been slowly getting more jobs.  It’s my other passion besides the fiber arts. 


As many of you know, I’m a regular writer for Squidoo’s So Crafty magazine.  Recently, a new Squidoo magazine named Cozy was released.  Cozy will feature how to decorate and give your home a personalized style when you have a small space, a small budget, or both.  I will be a writer for Cozy, as well.

I admit, though, I’m not much of a decorator, but I do have some DIY tricks up my sleeve.  Crafting and decorating, I’m learning, go hand in hand, and I’m getting some great ideas to write about. 

I recommend checking out Cozy.  It’s already chock-full of great ideas and tips. 

My First and Second Handspun

I’ve been working through Craftsy’s Spindling:  From Fluff to Stuff  class.  It’s interesting!  I’ve been wanting to spin my own yarn for a while now, and a drop spindle seemed like a good place to start, as is this class.  After a few attempts, I got this tangled mess in Exhibit A, my first handspun.

Exhibit A

 It looks bad, but a product from a skill usually doesn’t the first time around, right?  It looks yucky. I put my spindle down and picked it up again a day later, and got a little better, as shown in Exhibit B, my second handspun.

Exhibit B

My yarn is a little more even this time.  It’s encouraging to improve through practice, which is what drop spindling is a lot about.  I will keep on going through the class and practicing. 

Views from SAFONA

 The Fifth Annual SAFONA Fiber Festival was quite lovely!  It was a tad smaller than it was last year, but there were some familiar faces and new people to strike up a conversation with.

 What was remarkable about this year’s SAFONA festival was that my DH VOLUNTARILY…I repeat…VOLUNTARILY came along.  His reasoning?  He was wanted to show more of an interest in what it is that I do, and I appreciate that. I think he had fun, too.

 I have a strategy when I go to events like this.  I first make my lap, see what there is and what’s available, and then make my purchasing decisions.  I did not buy any yarn, but I did buy some lovely roving to work with on my drop spindle. 

I love seeing the bunnies there.  Once again, there was a lady sitting and spinning directly from the angora rabbit sitting on her lap.  This bunny here was waiting his turn.  The DH and I got to pet him.

Very nice festival!  It’s not big, but there is a lot of stuff there.  I was in fiber heaven.

Want more information?  Here are some links.

Dance All Night Slouch Socks

I finally knit myself a proper pair of socks.  They are Fiddle Knit’s Dance All Night Slouch Socks, and you can get the pattern from Knit Picks for $1.99.  It’s a fun pattern, but it does require some knowledge in sock knitting before tackling it.  As I have mentioned in my project details on various sites, it does include the evil p2tog tbl decrease.  Even though there is a way around doing that decrease (p2tog, take stitch of right needle, turn it clockwise, and put back on right needle),

Don’t let that keep you away from these fun socks.  Knit in worsted weight yarn, they are a fairly quick project.  I used the suggested yarn, Knit Picks’ Chroma Worsted.

Want to see the nitty gritty on the socks?  Check out my project details at one of the sites below.