Knitting Addiction

Last Wednesday while on vacation in the Outer Banks, the DH (yes, he went along) to Knitting Addiction, a yarn store in Kill Devil Hills, NC, right along US 158.  It’s a neat store!

Knitting Addiction has a nice selection and caters both to locals and people visiting the area.  It’s a welcoming place.  They carry some beautiful hand painted yarns, along with some the usual high-end LYS stock.  Good stuff! Knitting Addiction also has a lot of accessories, t-shirts, knitting bags, and books.  Oh, they also have couches for knitters and crocheters to hang out, and cat named Purrl. 

I love the owner’s Bad Dog Wall of Shame.  After telling her the story of Alfred and my yarn, she showed me a photo of the destruction two Shih Tzus did to a scarf.  The aftermath was not pretty.

Let’s see, what did I get. I realized the dangers of taking the DH to a yarn store:  he picked out a project that me to make for him!  It’s a nice, gray polar fleece yarn hat.  I need to get the needles for it, but it should keep his fuzzy head warm in the winter.  I also got some purple and white ruffle yarn that because a scarf for the craft show, a knitting bag that states “Paws off my knitting,” and one of the self-published book of patterns that Knitting Addiction has.  I might get the second one because the first one, the one I have, is wonderful!

I think this photo sums up how a lot of us feel about yarn:

It’s a good addiction, and for knitting and crocheters in the OBX, this place is happy to supply.


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