What in the world have a I gotten myself into.

The stressors in my life right are:

  1. Work. (It’s been a week.)
  2. My health.  (Why can’t I feel better?)
  3. Going on vacation soon. (Wait, shouldn’t that relax me?)
  4. Doing a craft show at the end of the month.  (Perhaps it will be better than last time.)
  5. Editing photos from a job I had last weekend. (How in the world did I take 600+ photos.)

What do I have got going for me?  Well, my friend Joan is coming over tonight, so we can commiserate about work stuff.  And I’m dog-sitting Patrick here, who is being snorgled by my mom, and time with the Paddy Dog is always nice.

I need to just focus on one thing at a time.   Tonight, it’s all about relaxation.  I have a long weekend because of Columbus Day, so I have a little extra time to get things together, and to get myself together.

All in all, I will find time to knit for the show and for myself.  I also plan on knitting over vacation, too.  I am looking forward to my temporary escape, but the preparation is going to be insane.


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