I won something!!

It’s true!  I did!  I won something!  I followed the my local newspaper’s Lifestyle section (they have this awesome crafting section) on Pinterest, and was randomly selected as the winner of a book!  They even put my name in the paper!  And a neat book it is. It’s “Love Kills Slowly:  30 Cross-Stitch Patterns from […]

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Knitting and The Cloud

I have decided to simply access to my knitting patterns by storing them on The Cloud.  By using cloud storage, such as Google’s Drive or Dropbox, I can access my patterns anywhere and just about on any device.  Cloud storage is basically a server that you can access files you store on them anytime. A […]

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Creative Reuse Finds

I know, I know, I’ve been all about creative reuse lately, but I’m really excited about it!  As one reader pointed out, I forgot to post what I got at both stores!  So, in one big combined photo, here’s what I bought. Besides a whole lot of yarn, here are some other fun treasures: Two […]

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