I won something!!

It’s true!  I did!  I won something!  I followed the my local newspaper’s Lifestyle section (they have this awesome crafting section) on Pinterest, and was randomly selected as the winner of a book!  They even put my name in the paper! 

And a neat book it is. It’s “Love Kills Slowly:  30 Cross-Stitch Patterns from Ed Hardy.”  Yeah.  Ed Hardy.  The tattoo and designer guy Ed Hardy. 

 I love the book.  It has beautiful patterns in it.  The shading, the details, the style!  It’s wonderful, and certainly goes beyond the stereotypical cross-stitch themes.  I recommend you take a look at this book.  It might even get me back into cross-stitch, which I tried as a kid a few times.  Perhaps this is the tool I need to get back into it.

To be honest, I wasn’t even trying to win the book.  I just saw a craft in the paper that the paper’s editors had pinned, so I wanted to check it out, and started following the Lifestyle section.  I’m so glad I did!  It’s the little things:  a new book, your name in the paper, and your mother calling you up that she saw your name in the paper (which mine totally did).  It was a fun little thing to have happen!  Quite serendipitous. 

Have you ever won something cool and crafty?


Knitting and The Cloud

I have decided to simply access to my knitting patterns by storing them on The Cloud.  By using cloud storage, such as Google’s Drive or Dropbox, I can access my patterns anywhere and just about on any device. 

Cloud storage is basically a server that you can access files you store on them anytime. A lot of places use it for sharing files quickly, too.

I know what you are saying.  But, Jenn, Ravelry does that for you on their website!  True, but I get patterns from other sources than them.  I want everything in a nice, neat organized file virtual file space and I want to be able to get them quickly on my phone, if need be..  I’m going to organize them by type.  I want control.  I don’t want the piles of paper patterns that have invaded the spare bedroom.  I only want to print out what I need and discard the paper later.  I don’t want clutter!

For example, I bought a used Page-A-Day 2008 knitting calendar with a ton of great patterns.  My master plan is to scan them into the cloud storage, save and organize them, and pass the paper patterns on to the next person. I can then easily access my files wherever and whenever I want. 

I will let you know how it works out.  I’m trying to simplify my life, and I’m hoping cloud storage is the answer.  Will I still be inundated by paper?  We shall see.

Creative Reuse Finds

I know, I know, I’ve been all about creative reuse lately, but I’m really excited about it!  As one reader pointed out, I forgot to post what I got at both stores!  So, in one big combined photo, here’s what I bought.

Besides a whole lot of yarn, here are some other fun treasures:

  • Two older pattern folders, one for sweaters and one for dishcloths, hence all the cotton yarn.
  • A pair of US 10.5 Susan Bates needles, a good brand and one of my favorite needle sizes.
  • Note cards from a recently deceased local artist.  Artwork was by her, not sent from.
  • Copper leaf for a decoupage project I’m starting.
  • A teeny tiny sock kit.  I wanted it mostly for the pattern.
  • A 2008 Knitting Pattern A Day calendar that is going to be scanned, databased, and given to the next person for their use.

I have found some awesome yarn in similar places, and Art of Recycle and Lancaster Creative Reuse were no exception.   What are you able to find in your local thrift and creative reuse stores?  I’d love to know what you have found.