I won something!!

It’s true!  I did!  I won something!  I followed the my local newspaper’s Lifestyle section (they have this awesome crafting section) on Pinterest, and was randomly selected as the winner of a book!  They even put my name in the paper! 

And a neat book it is. It’s “Love Kills Slowly:  30 Cross-Stitch Patterns from Ed Hardy.”  Yeah.  Ed Hardy.  The tattoo and designer guy Ed Hardy. 

 I love the book.  It has beautiful patterns in it.  The shading, the details, the style!  It’s wonderful, and certainly goes beyond the stereotypical cross-stitch themes.  I recommend you take a look at this book.  It might even get me back into cross-stitch, which I tried as a kid a few times.  Perhaps this is the tool I need to get back into it.

To be honest, I wasn’t even trying to win the book.  I just saw a craft in the paper that the paper’s editors had pinned, so I wanted to check it out, and started following the Lifestyle section.  I’m so glad I did!  It’s the little things:  a new book, your name in the paper, and your mother calling you up that she saw your name in the paper (which mine totally did).  It was a fun little thing to have happen!  Quite serendipitous. 

Have you ever won something cool and crafty?

4 thoughts on “I won something!!

  1. wow i am jelous i guess! i never heard of the guy before but i would love to take a look at the designs! i love untraditional cross stitch designs! you lucky you! 😀


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