Intarsia: A Tale of Two Hearts

This past Friday I bought a book, which inspired me to learn intarsia.  So, Sunday I grabbed some straight 8’s and two colors of worsted weight yarn and dug in with minimal research. 
I thought I had this figured out.  Nah, I’ll just skim over another book and see what they have to say, and I think I’ve got it, I thought to myself.  Turns out, I had the right idea, but the wrong technique.  Ever happen to you?
Exhibit A
As I went along, it was apparent that maybe I wasn’t doing something right.  For example, I thought that each color change was done with a separate strand of yarn.  I managed to get a pink blob, as you can see from Exhibit A, that somewhat resembled a heart.  It took FOREVER to knit, and I had a hojillion ends to weave in, which took about as long to do as knitting the darn thing.  I figured this was OK for a first attempt, but I was going to do more research the next day.  One thing I DID do right was read the chart correctly.  I’ll give myself credit for that.

Exhibit B
Monday came and I did a little search on intarsia knitting tutorials.  Knit Picks had a good one, and I’ve used theirs before, so I figured I give their instructions a try.  I read them.  One point I missed:  use yarn bobbins to knit sections of color.  OH!  Another:  Carry the new yarn you are using INBETWEEN the old one and the fabric.  OH!  The proverbial light bulb went off in my brain and the technique clicked.
That evening I got the same supplies I had before, plus some newly purchased yarn bobs. I cast on and followed the tutorial.  Ding!  I got it!  See Exhibit B?  It actually resembles a heart!  There are mistakes in it, mostly because I was tired when I was finishing the pink part.  What’s important, I learned something new.  I can do this!
The moral of the story:  Always read your directions fully and completely.  If you’re still not sure, do more research.
I can’t wait to do more intarsia.  This has opened a whole new world of knitting for me.  Fair Isle, you’re next!

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