The Kutztown Folk Festival

Living in the heart of PA Dutch country has some benefits.  Besides our starchy foods, funny “Dutchy” sayings, and farming culture, southeast Pennsylvania has a great crafting heritage.  At the heart of the heritage is the Kutztown Folk Festival in Kutztown, PA.  The festival itself started on June 30, when I went, and runs to July 8.  If you live in the area or can travel there, GO. 

My friend Joan works for a public access television station and received free tickets to the festival.  Knowing I’m a sucker for crafts, she invited me along.  I gladly accepted. 

This is a huge festival.  There are tents and buildings full of artisans and crafters.  There is a ton of PA German food and drink to be found, my favorite being red cream soda.  The festival is full of demonstrations, activities for kids, and many beautiful things for sale. 

Having a German degree that I do absolutely nothing with, it was interesting to look at all the signs written in Pennsylvania German, which is its own dialect.  It was fun, in a nerdy, linguistic sort of way. 
Anyway, Joan and I got to the festival and she introduced me to a few craftsmen that she knows.  It was nice getting to talk to others about what they do, shows, and to view their work.  Connections and networking, people!
Included here I have a few photos of some of the wares and workers at the festival.  One booth caught my eye.  Three guesses as to what they featured and the first two don’t count.  Ok, I’ll tell you…..YARN! 

The yarn booth had beautiful handknit items there.  Gorgeous, yet accessible.  They also sold hand-dyed and handspun yarn (a bunch of local 4H-er’s were there spinning), as well kits for you to knit.  One such kit was a needle felting kit, which I looked at with a little interest, at which at that point, the needle felting artisan there swept down on me and talked to me about the joys of needle felting.  I looked at the needle felted stuff there and how it was used to decorate and embellish knitted item. I told her I’d think about it.  I thought about it, and bought a kit as before we left.

Again, go to this festival if you have the chance.  Below are some links for you, including more photos of the festival itself.

My Flickr Photoset

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