Joining a Guild

I find myself in a somewhat contemplative mood this morning.  There has been something that I had been toying with the idea with for a while, and took the steps to find out more about it.  I am interested in joining the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. 
The guild is based out of the city where I work, and their craft store is not far from my office.  They accept all skills and crafts.  I could join for fiber working and/or photography.  A yearly membership is $75.00 a year.  
I am also thinking about entering their mentoring program for knitting as someone receiving mentoring.  I would still have to join for that, but I think it would really expand my skill set. 
Readers, what do you think?  Should I join up?  Think about it more?  I’m leaning towards joining, but I’m still hesitant to do so.  I need validation!  Or someone to talk me out of it.  Either works.

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