Knitting Lessons

Deb arrived last night with a pair of US 8 needles and a bright multicolored skein of yarn.  I was going to teach her how to knit.  Deb’s grandmother had taught her how to cast on and knit Continental style, rather than the English style that I use.  As with learning any new craft, it’s […]

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Knitting Fear 1: The Shinty Vest

Berroco’s Shinty Vest.  It had haunted me for close to a year now, but I conquered that project and am wearing it today.  Here’s what happened and why this is a knitting fear. Closeup of the vest.  Last year, almost exactly one year, I started a class for this pattern.  It was the first garment […]

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On Deck

I’ve got a lot coming up to write about, but I’m still working on the details, so here’s what’s on deck. I have been facing a lot of my knitting fears.  It’s been an interesting process, to say the least.  Over the next couple of days I will be telling you more about those fears […]

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Driving while knitting?

You’ve probably heard this one before, but here’s a joke for ya. A woman sped past a police officer in her car.  The officer immediately went off in pursuit.  Driving up next to the woman’s car, he noticed she was knitting while driving!  And not paying attention to the flashing police lights behind her.  In […]

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St. Patrick’s Day in Boston

Yes, that is a TARDIS t-shirt. Yes, yes, I haven’t posted much here lately, but I’d been getting ready for a trip to Boston over St. Patrick’s Day weekend!  Hence the silence.  This entry has NOTHING to do with crafting, but I still want to tell you all about my fun weekend. This is our […]

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Yard Sale Yarn

I love yard sale yarn.  People bring it to me all the time.  My boss gave me a bunch she found at a yard sale.  My friend Bruce gave me a ton of it for my birthday. My coworker brought some that didn’t sell at her yard sale.  I gladly take it off their hands.  […]

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