My first real sock! Huzzah!

Yes!  My first real, turned-heel sock!  It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be!  I just followed the directions, took my time, and soon I had a sock!  On to sock number two now…..

I am knitting two pairs of socks for my friend, Chester as a part of a trade/swap/payment thing. It was the perfect time to learn how to turn a heel.  I am quite proud of myself and am looking forward to starting the second sock.


"So Crafty", Squidoo’s New Online Magazine

I really like Squidoo’s online magazines, and recently have been included in one that just launched yesterday….So Crafty!  I am a fairly active lensmaster over there, and have a few crafting lenses (basic web pages that feature a topic).  I am also going to be writing for So Crafty about once a month.
I encourage you to check So Crafty out and “Like” them on Facebook.  There are all sorts of great Squidoo lenses out there about different crafting topics, and I’m glad that they have a magazine now to feature them.  I am also excited to be a writer for the magazine, as well.   
I’m planning on my first article being a book review, and I already have one in mind.  For you, though, it’s going to be a surprise until it’s published. Keep a lookout here and I will let you all know when the article is published. 
So Crafty is also looking for other writers to feature!  Click on the appropriate link on their page.  Also, to be included in So Crafty, join up on Squidoo and write about a crafting topic you love.  It’s great exposure and lots of fun!
If you are curious as to what a lens is, here are a few links to some of mine:

First Cake From Scratch

Yesterday was my DH’s birthday!  As a part of the celebration, I made him an orange olive oil cake.  You may be wrinkling your nose up at the thought, but it’s really good!  It’s a French recipe that I got from Food Network.  Olive oil cakes are common in the south of France where olives and olive oils are plentiful.

Oh, and this is the first cake that I have made from scratch by myself!  I know, it’s just one layer, but I’m still proud of it.  It turned out beautifully and everyone who had some liked it.  The is not a sweet cake, but has just enough sugar in it to be called a dessert.

Want the recipe?  Click it here to go get it.  Thanks to the awesome Melissa d’Arabian for her fantastic recipe!

Crafty Meandering Thoughts

My crafting life needs to get back to a more relaxed pace as it was before Christmas.  I want to start another sweater.  I want to knit hats for the local cancer center.  I want to find something really nerdy and knit it. 
I need a rest from the frenetic pace I had gotten caught up into since Christmas, knitting things for gifts and for the Snowflake Gala.  Right now, I have a hat started for the cancer center, and am working on a lacey spiral scarf that I am so keeping for myself. 
Even though I have a few orders for knitted items, I will get them done, but I need to relax with my needles and do something for myself.  Selfish?  Perhaps.  I need to take care of myself right now.  And that’s what I am going to do.
I also need to get back to you, my dear readers!  I know I haven’t been blogging as much as I would have liked, but life caught up with me, as it has habit of doing.  So, in the next few days, watch for some new updates and some lovely things!  I am going to do my best to get back on track.

Snowflake Gala Wrap Up

So, the Snowflake Gala was yesterday.  After one month of intense preparation and hard work, I sold….one hat.  And bartered with a jewelry vendor for another hat.  Needless to say, I am disappointed and a bit soured on the idea of doing something like this again.

On a positive note, I spent some awesome time with Deb and met a lot of nice people, most of whom said I have lovely things.m  I made two new friends, Patsy and Sandy, who were both other vendors at the show.  I even got to encourage a beginner knitter in her endeavors in learning more. 

Sitting here and writing this is like opening up sore wound.  I am down and out.  All that hard work feels so wasted and I’m left with a lot of unsold knitted items, a lot of things I purchased in preparation for the event, and a whole lot of glumness. 

I’m not sure if I would participate as a vendor in the Snowflake Gala again.  I will exhibit work there, but I won’t sell anything like this.  People simply aren’t there at the event to purchase work.  They are there for the performances, and the vendors are just as a diversion on the breaks. 

I might consider doing a regular craft show, but my enthusiasm about the idea is definitely dulled.  Profits from the one hat I did sell?  That went toward a delicious Chinese dinner with Deb after the event.  At least I got fed.

I’m going to post one photo from the event, and that is a closeup of one of my displays so I can show what I did have to offer.  I’m just that soured on the whole event to show more.