Lace Wrap WIP

I recently grabbed the Winter 2011/2012 edition of Knit Simple magazine purely because of the pretty wrap on the front cover.  And now I’m knitting it!  It turned out to be a fairly straightforward pattern. 
I am a little hesitant when it comes to lace knitting, as my previous experiences have not been good.  So far, I’m surviving and have gotten into a good groove with this particular pattern. 
Here’s an example of the lace pattern.  I’m hoping to have it done for a party on the weekend, but I doubt it’ll be done, so maybe for the party the following weekend.  I’m turning out to be quite the party animal here. 
I’m also doing a little bit of my own variation with the pattern.  I’m using a worsted weight yarn instead of a DK weight, and I’m doing fewer stitches than the pattern calls to compensate for the larger yarn size.  I also like the color of the yarn I’m using.  It’s just some Red Heart Super Soft yarn in Off White that I had in my stash. 

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