The Great Christmas Cookie Frenzy of 2011

Sunday was the Great Christmas Cookie Frenzy of 2011 with my friend Michele.  We baked a LOT of cookies.  And we still have more to do tonight.  So many cookies… very much need to go on a diet.
I did a lot of decorating, as Michele is very good at mixing and knows the recipes pretty well.  I did make the oatmeal raisin cookies.  They look pretty pathetic, but it’s all in how they taste, I suppose.
Enjoy the snapshots of results.  Oh, and the pugs belong to Michele.  The little fawn one is Chelsea and the black one is Boo Boo. 

Beading Night Sans Beads and Quick Bits

Deb and I were both tired last night.  So, rather than bead, we just hung out in my living room and gabbed for a while.  Sometime you just need to do that with your gal pals. 

“Now I’ve seen everything,” my coworker exclaimed as he watched me switch out pair of circular needles for a set of DPN’s.  I’m glad I have DPN’s to be a regular part of my knitting repertoire, but I guess to those who aren’t familiar with them, it must seem pretty crazy to be knitting with what looks like to be more than one needle.
I know it’s early, but I gave my coworkers their Christmas gifts awhile.  I wanted them to get use out of the handmade items I crafted for each of them.  I’m not going to do this every year, keep in mind.  I love seeing faces of people when they get something made just for them.  It’s good to be the giver.

Hanukkah Holiday Fun

I am one-quarter Jewish, and always like to find small ways to celebrate that background.  On a whim, I thought I’d look for some Hanukkah crafting ideas.  What I found was a lack thereof.  Still, I did find some fun things that might be fun to surprise your Jewish friends and/or family with. 
Martha Stewart, the maven of domestication, has some really nice ideas on her web site.  There are a lot of good ideas here.
Simple dishcloths with a Hanukkah motif, links here and here, makes a fun little gift.  Knitters, grab your needles!
If you want send your Jewish neighbors a Hanukkah greeting, check out this fractal art card I made a while ago.  It’s blank so you can create your own message.  It’s also featured the image here today.
Oh, also don’t forget the food.  Hanukkah is a time of celebration, eating included.  Check out these vegetarian delights.

Christmas Crafting Stress

I need to stop getting myself all worked up over Christmas.  It happens every year.  And this year, it’s bad because I’m crafting a lot of stuff for people.  Granted, a lot of those things are already done, and I’m blowing things WAY out of proportion, as I usually do in situations such as these.  Still I have three projects that I agonizing over.
The first is a project that is taking itty bitty yarn on itty bitty needles.  It’s a lot slower going than what I am used to.  Still, that is a part of knitting.  And the pay off?  I know that when the recipient of this present sees it, he’ll get a big kick out of his gift.  That is what drives me on.
The second and the third are not so bad.  One, I am working on during my breaks at work, and the other hasn’t been started yet, but should only take a few days. 
Even as I write this, I see I have a plan.  Do I still get stressed?  Of course!  Is the prednisone that I’m still on making me squirrely?  Yes!  Am I just one big bipolar dork?  Absolutely! 
My goal is to be done with the two easy ones by the end of this week.  Only time will tell if I can do it.  Here’s to trying, at least.