Beading Night: Christmas Earrings

Official Beading Night was put on hold because of the lingering presence of my recent rashiness, so no Deb tonight as I would be loopy and itchy all night.  Benedryl has become a way of life for me during the past almost two weeks.  Still, I decided to do some simple earring projects on my own.
Fire Mountain Gems has these great designs for Christmastree earrings.  Aren’t they cute?  They use different sizes of Swarovski crystals.  Since I didn’t have enough to complete the entire design for amount of earrings I wanted to make, I got creative, and made some different Christmas designs of my own. 
I think they add the right amount of Christmas sparkle.  FMG has a ton of other quick Christmas jewelry ideas.  Check them out and see what makes you smile or reminds you of someone.  Quick jewelry makes for great gifts.

2 thoughts on “Beading Night: Christmas Earrings

  1. I agree that jewelry makes great gifts, I just completed some bracelets for two friends with upcoming birthdays. I think I'll have to try some Christmas trees myself, I don't have any Swarovski but I do have some malachite chips that might make some interesting trees!


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