Doctor Who Sock Yarn

Fact:  I love sock yarn.  Problem:  I don’t know how to knit socks.  I bought two skeins of KnitPick’s Felici sockyarn in Time Traveler.  Why?  Because it self- stripes into the colors of the Fourth Doctor’s (Tom Baker) scarf!  I couldn’t resist.  I guess I am going to learn to knit socks. In theory, I […]

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Long Lean Sweater: Week 2

Here’s my progress on Week 2 of the Long Lean Sweater!  I’m very happy with how far I’ve gotten on this sweater.  Yeah, I’ve had to rip out on section on the left side TWICE, but I managed to do it without freaking out.  Whew! During the second week, I’m working on the right side.  […]

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The Mother Lode

I am so glad that I went to my local Goodwill on Saturday.  Not only did I get a cute jean skirt and sweater, but a mother lode of yarn, and I’m not talking leftover acrylic skeins.  I’m talking good stuff.  Wool, cotton, and known names, too.  Some of it I cannot identify, but I […]

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Crochet Crash and Burn

So I’ve been working on doing more crochet.  I can do something that resembles a single crochet, and something that resembles a half double crochet.  The problem is, I always seem to combine or lose the number of stitches I have in my chain.  I have no clue what’s going on, and that’s the truth.  […]

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Beading Night 2

Beading Night didn’t go off exactly as planned, as my friend did not come over due to my husband being sick.  Poor guy.  He is feeling better today, I will add.  Back to the matter at hand, though.  I did get some beading done on my own.  I had this beading kit lying around for […]

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Interview: Jill Butler

When I think about this Jill Butler, a crafter friend, a few words come to mind.  Creative.  Positive.  Bubbly.  In this first interview on Ludicraft, I asked Jill a few questions about her crafting and artistic works and experiences.  What is your name and where are you from?  My Name is Jill Butler and I […]

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Long Lean Sweater: Week One

I’m working on my first sweater, and think it would be a fun to share my progress here on the blog.  I’m currently in the first week of knitting, and have made good progress since my first class at Kitnit Fine Yarns, my LYS, on Saturday.  The pattern is what we are calling the Long […]

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