Revisiting a Pattern

Going back through my patterns, I came across a scarf pattern that I am working on that was one of the first patterns I got.  It’s the Skacel “Not a Celebrity Scarf (But it should be.)” Scarf.  I remember going into my LYS and admiring the sample scarf made in the pattern.  I had just started knitting a month and half before, and I wanted to make it as Christmas presents.  I bought the yarn, was shown how to do the increases and decreases, and went home and knit the scarf in trepidation and hesitation.  I knit it very slowly.  I finished two of them, but only one before Christmas.  It was my first intermediate level pattern. 
On Monday, close to a year later, I got out this pattern again.  I am whizzing through it, much, much more comfortable with the increases, decreases, and short rows.  I am amazed at how far I’ve come with knitting and how much I’ve learned.  I’m getting ready to take a class on Saturday to knit my first sweater.  I love this knitting stuff and am so glad I’ve stuck with it. 
As a note, I think the yarn I am currently using now has ugly colors, but I know some people who would like it, so it’s going to be a Christmas present.  Funny, the colors looked pretty in the store.  Now I’ve changed my mind.  Funny how that happens sometimes?

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